Wellness Coaching

Joanne Scott       Martha’s Vineyard Wellness Therapist        Tai Chi Master          West Tisbury Consultant

Cranial Sacral Therapist      Tarot Guide        Parent       Survivor        40 year bodyworker

is now accepting new clients for wellness coaching based on her book The Gr8 unraveling guidebook.

Joanne’s 40 year career will help you overcome the hardships of living with circumstance and will use this experience and insight to lead you on your path.

Each chapter of the  Gr8 unraveling guidebook will bring you closer and closer to achieving a smooth pleasing lifestyle one can only imagine.

I have the firm belief that each person is unique to their circumstances regardless of the organic matter we are simple complicated machines that need tuning and updating. The Gr8 unraveling guidebook will lead the way. I believe that given the information we can get where we need to be to survive this world.