Are you sick of being sick ?

I hear many folks making the statement “I’m just sick all the time”
Is this you
want to know what to do ?
First , buy the book, it will get you on your way.

make a list of all you do and how you feel about what you do, be honest, include daily habits, work schedule, how you like your work, your co workers, fight with sister, help the homeless, over eat, drink, pray, smoke, think, abusive to yourself or another.

whatever your list is write it honestly and then take your list break it down to
like/dislikes/things you want to change.

Now make a plan, how can you change the current pattern ? What is your housekeeping task ?

Take charge, choose your tools for accomplishing the job. Some examples of tools are, information, medical assistance, therapy, divorce, nutritionist, job change, forgiveness work, grief work.

Notice I use the word” work” freely as this is work. It is work that pays off in a huge way. Listen to yor body. Say no to illnesses and the doctors office.

Love Love Love angels

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