Is desire our friend or foe? Where does it come from? A quick read tells me that it is another human condition that needs taming. Without getting into too much explanation lets skip to the “what do we do ?” part.

Sit, relax, breathe deep and ask yourself “what do I want?” be honest and non-judgmental as possible. Ask “why do I want it?” What will it feed in me, why do I have to be ordering on line? why am I always on Facebook ?,why dating sites ? why do I pace ? What do I seek? I’m not sure, do I want another glass of wine or am I thirsty for water? is it a habit or a need or a simple lack of conscience thinking ?

Do I want to change ? am I ready to meet me. Can I say no to avoidance, entertainment, distraction. Do I desire to change to achieve better living ?

Yes says my heart spirit. Yes says my inner child wanting to be freed. Yes states my intellectual parts that know there is a better more fulfilling life to be had. What about that 50 % of the brain we do not utilize to its fullest potential , do we want to use it ? I say yes. In the book there is a direct path to follow to get here. I say here because I am here and it is lovely . The book is simple, unlike any other book you have ever experienced. It works.


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