Facebook ~friend or foe

How many times a day to you instinctively reach for your device to check on the internet? Has it become an all day event? Most of us are aware of our “on line hours” as it is told to us by the devise. Mine does. I resent it. I do not want my phone waving my addiction in my face. I am down in my “on line time” now that I am aware of my abuse. I resented the info blast, but it lead me to change.

How did I do it? After practicing self discipline for a while I have discovered that I can do a lot to improve me. I am fixable in every sense of the word. I am limited to what I allow, only, as far as I can see. My guess would be that my sight is limited by my humanism but it does not stop the quantum thinking that has made my successes in my career.

You are the same as me. You choose different brain parts to focus on in order to do what wonder you do. We are all particles of discovery that we accumulated on our journey to date. Each a necessary part of the whole. So you can do what I do if you know how.

56 pages leading to the path of a new way to be you , only better. xxx

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