Brain Grooves

Most folks are unaware of the grooved out pathways in the brain. It is a result of repetition . We repeat many things every day. I do not have true numbers, if they exist even, I have several, dish washing, toothbrushing, hair brushing, I could go on , you get the drift.

Each activity has a pathway, each pathway becomes a groove over time. These paths are brain scar tissue. ( not a true diagnosis, for explanation purposes. ) These scar tissue buildups cause brain disruption and may contribute to quicker brain aging.

To break the mold I challenge myself all day. For example I will brush my teeth with my left hand, being right dominate. I will park my car in a different spot to challenge my memory. I will read things out of my comfort area to stimulate parts of my brain that are now lazier. I get out of bed left instead of right. I rearrange my furniture every seasonal shift. It also helps with the dust bunnies. I alternate sides, what I do right I do left to avoid strain injury. I do not wait till I am hurt. I do it every time. I can now that II know how. Can you ? It’s in the book. All of it.

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