Be the Ocean, excited, wavy, motion filled, sun kissed, filled with unknowing and exploration . At the same time be solid at your feet. A firm foundation to calm and smooth the waters. A foundation that supports all that you are and all that you do.

It is easy to be flotsam on the waters, floating along with the other flotsam and jettison of sheeple moving in a predictable fashion. What about us, are we content floating along with the other garbage ? Are we more than that ? I realize garbage is strong, however I say it as I see it. We are easily conditioned, do we realize we have turned over our will ? ~ Turned over our passion ? ~ can we see we live life as a sheepbots? Is it not our way ? We are as people strong willed independent survivors. We have become complacent, lazy, fat, and stupid in our comfort. Comfort is temporary and may be fleeting. Always be aware of what is important to U .

Grab the desire to change, read the book , it is a foundation builder.

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