Healing the world

Or, how do I heal anything. It is proven that the cure for the poison grows right alongside the poison. We are not as savvy as we believe. We run to the nearest pill or medication that we see advertised on TV or read about for help. The doctor hands us prescriptions to fill and we do without questioning him or the pharma company that produces this for big money.

Where is the sensibility in this behavior ? Do we really feel better? In some cases yes, the placebo affect works on a lot of people. But we only mask the problem, and maybe compound the problem .

What is the #1 cure for depression ? answer…. walking

What is the #1 cure for obesity ? answer … walking

What is the #1 cause of Illness ? answer….. dehydration

This and more information for wellness without big pharma is in the Gr8 unraveling guidebook. Get well without cancerous experimental medicine. Want to ? Buy the book.

Love Love Love angels

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