Reality ~reality

What is real? What do I see when I look compared to what you see? How close are we when it comes to thinking. We do want to understand , be understood also. What is it that we see? How do we hear? What is the basis of our interpretation. Lets use for example hearing a lecture. What did I take from that lecture compared to what you heard. My take away is layered in impression, preexisting beliefs, learned information, right or wrong, what I want to hear, and last but not least what I want to have appeared to have heard. In other words what I say to you to get your approval regardless of the reality.

Now taking all that into consideration, what did I really hear? I now record facts on paper as I listen so I can determine what is. Then I need to decipher the lecturers intent. This leads me to confirming the data I have received. This enters the realm of factoid confusion and research ooze. So what in fact do I see as reality? Thus leading to how important is it ? Are the differences in reality such that I need to worry about where I sit? Science has wonderous theories about this subject. There are differences in color, hearing, tasting, seeing, theories, research information, and opinion.

My guess is that , for the most part, we are perfect as we are. HA

Happy Wednesday angels

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