insomnia ~why ?

Where does insomnia come from? It comes from mismanagement of the body.

Why ? We are the problem here. Insomnia is true operator error . We live inside a perfect machine designed to last with care. This body machine has limits. It is a true first responder to our needs and our demands. I believe that there are exceptions to every rule so please don’t be offended when I say cut the crap. Let your self sleep. Our humanism allows us to lie. Especially to self. I have a client, 63 Y.O. PSTD SPED teacher. She is severe in her injuries and a chronic insomniac. She sleeps better when she does not drink. She drinks a bottle of whine (Sp intentional ) every night anyway. Why ? Why not increase the problem ? Why not want to heal? Some want to some don’t. Its a great example of humanism .

Check your magnesium. Check your vitamin D. Remove the electronics and all phantom lights from the bedroom. Sleep is a ceremony it needs a temple. We have choice. We have free will. Buy the book, find out how to spread your wings. We can sleep if we remember how.

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