Earthrecovery or Saving the world?

How can we possibly do anything that will make a difference now that we have destroyed the earth. Granted unintentionally for most of us, as very few of the population are responsible directly for the trash curse, but indirectly we have all contributed. They could not have been so successful without us. We are now more aware of this than ever . Want to really know what is going on and why ? Watch Boston Legal TV show , wonder no more. You can choose to believe whatever it is you choose, however the truth is that we have tanked this earth to bits.

As a healer I often tell folks that we can repair the issue without assigning blame to any particular cause. There is a trend to blame all affects on childhood abuse and one can get bogged down in unproductive detail and blame, This creates a victim mode for many, impairing the healing process. It does not really matter how we got here, we are here. Now what can (I) we do about it.

There is a medical term “Repetitive Strain Injury”. It is exactly what you would imagine it is. Doing the same thing over and over developing a problem area. This is what has happened to the environment, We have repeatedly over and over abused the whole, ocean dumping, ground dumping, air poisoning , deforestation, wildlife abuse, and so forth. Did we realize what we were doing, yes, did we care, no. Do we care now ? yes, but too little to late.

Stepping over the obvious, one example would be for a transportation shutdown for 24 hours world wide, a suggestion from an engineer in Sweden. RIGHT !!! Who could imagine international cooperation. NOBODY that’s who. We now have a group that has reworded the Geneva Convention Treaty to get around humanism, We cannot compete with special interest or big Pharma or the corporation.

What can we do? You are on you way if you have read the Great unraveling guidebook. In your day there are so many easily changeable behaviors, for example, don’t run out every time you need something, make a list, plan your trips. Go to the post office, grocery, bank or CVS once a week. Look at your pattern, what would you be willing to change? Thank you for recycling. If you do not you will be amazed how pleasing and easy it is. This is a huge part of earthrecovery as it will lessen the buildup of trash that is taking over the world. Walk, park in a central location and walk to your errands. I use my local dump. I am shocked at the number of people who drive from container to container. 10′ apart. How unconscious ? my guess is they just do not think. Never think that what you do will not make a difference. There are more examples in the book. You can make a difference. Will you ?

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