How many self help books are there ? Aisles and rows. Here in a simple no nonsense 52 pages of all you need to know to live a full healthy joyful life within the constraints that already exist. This book is written for children and adults of any walk of life living anywhere. The gr8 unraveling guidebook will hopefully travel into space as humans will always have a body and here is the way to get the best result from our bodies.

I am not a writer, I am a healer. I was urged to record all my “wisdom’s” to share with humans of the universe. I have compiled the “mini version” of most all the self help books in the world. The book is structured in 8 concise chapters totaling 52 pages. That’s it. I recommend reading the book in one sitting then re-read to commit to brain as you re-read you will see how you can apply simple but very effective daily tricks, with stuff you already have no purchases necessary just a desire to be the best you can be easily with instant results. Discover your body . Discover the freedom of wellness.