Who can we trust ? Anyone ? How about the government, banks, churches, even the Buddhists have been investigated for abuses. Where can we place trust these days?

Most of us whom work for the corporate fat man are frightened daily at possible dismissal, criticisms , competition, any general worry when your lively hood could be snatched.

We have health concerns, marital issues, financial troubles, family concerns, longevity anxiety and so much more. What can a person do ?

One thing we can believe in is us. You can believe in yourself. The Great Unraveling Guidebook will show you a direction to a new path in 8 steps demonstrating how you can become the person you want to be . Picture yourself a content individual with the tools to begin a life of trust. You do not need anything but the book. There are no gimmicks, no purchases,[ save the book,] no equipment no outfits. This comprehensive book is in a simple format. I wrote it for Junior High students and older. It is truly for everyone. I wish I had this book as a child.

Are you interested in living a more trusting life? Read the book.

Panic Attack, again

A daily meditation practice introduces you to you.

that sounds funny.

But it is a statement you can take to the bank !

as a wellness consultant I am often asked ” Why am I having severe panic attacks ? ”

It is a simple, very difficult answer. You are ignoring yourself. Your body is begging for your attention to fulfil its simplest of needs.

When you find yourself in panic mode you may notice you are holding your breath. This of  course is suffocation and the body is gonna panic.

Read the book angels, your body will thank you.

Love Love Love


Why do I think absurd random thoughts ?

It is interesting to me to discover where my thoughts take me during my regular ( seemingly) day.

I have the imagination of storybook writers. I can find my self in interesting, creative scenarios of the strangest ilk.

It is from the subconscious, most of it. Often history/fantasy strolling will be based on something current. Many times the random scenario will be of the unknown to me in this life. Often it is plain ole desire.

I am a believer in past lives, muscle memory, and other such beliefs. It is all gr8 fun.

Where will we stroll today dear angels !!!

how mentally healthy are we ?

I am often asked this, it is a difficult question to answer,

I use the example of my laundromat. When interviewing applicants for the laundromat

I would give them the form to fill out and then I would go outside and look in their car.

All I wanted was a well organized clean type person. After all it was a laundromat.

this carries into our lives as well. Look around you, how do you add up ?

Chapter 8 will guide you to possibilities !!!

Love, Love, Love angels


approaching the solstace, how prepared are we?

Just how feral are we?
Personally I feel a huge seasonal shift. I see my behaviors change to adapt to the seasons arrival.
I wonder if others notice it also. WE have a dis/order called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.
Fitting acronym . Living on the water in New England I am in tune with the changes as I believe they are more pronounced here. I don’t know that. Every region has it’s characteristics that announce change. Certainly visual.
How prepared are we for a seasonal change ?

In the pages of the book this is addressed. Mentally we prepare, physically we prepare, and we prepare our surroundings.
It is great fun for me, not for everyone. Care to change your outlook ? Buy the book. It will change your life.

It will change your outlook too !

Love Love Love

Are you sick of being sick ?

I hear many folks making the statement “I’m just sick all the time”
Is this you
want to know what to do ?
First , buy the book, it will get you on your way.

make a list of all you do and how you feel about what you do, be honest, include daily habits, work schedule, how you like your work, your co workers, fight with sister, help the homeless, over eat, drink, pray, smoke, think, abusive to yourself or another.

whatever your list is write it honestly and then take your list break it down to
like/dislikes/things you want to change.

Now make a plan, how can you change the current pattern ? What is your housekeeping task ?

Take charge, choose your tools for accomplishing the job. Some examples of tools are, information, medical assistance, therapy, divorce, nutritionist, job change, forgiveness work, grief work.

Notice I use the word” work” freely as this is work. It is work that pays off in a huge way. Listen to yor body. Say no to illnesses and the doctors office.

Love Love Love angels

Hope, yes there is hope

Where do you get the courage to continue following a loss or trauma to you or someone you love ?
what part of you says get up and carry on
Where does strength come from, faith, desire to heal……………HOW ?

The answers are in the book, the answers are in you, all the time. The Gr8 Unraveling guidebook will show you where these tools are inside you, me and all of us

lets get better, lets live well in spite of life’s painful moments.



How many ways are there to successfully recover ?
I have a gr8 deal of experience in this area, I have learned ways to cope.

This article is hopeful, this posting is to give every sufferer a chance to be a survivor of any survivable horror. In the Gr8 unraveling guide book I have prepared a step by step recipe for survival, in the simplest form this book offers a way home.

This book is a 8 chapter guide to a no nonsense formula to live the most extraordinary life you can imagine.
The Gr8 unraveling guidebook is a workbook style self help guide condensed into 8 chapters that build to empower you to find a place where you can experience the daily joys that are abundant.

Heal yourself in a kind but firm way………… the book it will be the most important gift you give you
love love love

2 B U is 2 show tremendous courage

We are the main character in this play called life.

We are all born different, special, unique. It DOES take all kinds to have  a perfect world and you are a very important piece in the puzzle.  I believe that we are on assignment that we have a meaningful purpose, a special path of our own that we are intended to honor.

Living believing you should be you is wonderful on so many levels, most importantly for self worth and universal harmony.

Believe in you, read the book, live life as it pleases you regardless of who you think you are.

Tons of Love angels