Healing the world

Or, how do I heal anything. It is proven that the cure for the poison grows right alongside the poison. We are not as savvy as we believe. We run to the nearest pill or medication that we see advertised on TV or read about for help. The doctor hands us prescriptions to fill and we do without questioning him or the pharma company that produces this for big money.

Where is the sensibility in this behavior ? Do we really feel better? In some cases yes, the placebo affect works on a lot of people. But we only mask the problem, and maybe compound the problem .

What is the #1 cure for depression ? answer…. walking

What is the #1 cure for obesity ? answer … walking

What is the #1 cause of Illness ? answer….. dehydration

This and more information for wellness without big pharma is in the Gr8 unraveling guidebook. Get well without cancerous experimental medicine. Want to ? Buy the book.

Love Love Love angels


Be the Ocean, excited, wavy, motion filled, sun kissed, filled with unknowing and exploration . At the same time be solid at your feet. A firm foundation to calm and smooth the waters. A foundation that supports all that you are and all that you do.

It is easy to be flotsam on the waters, floating along with the other flotsam and jettison of sheeple moving in a predictable fashion. What about us, are we content floating along with the other garbage ? Are we more than that ? I realize garbage is strong, however I say it as I see it. We are easily conditioned, do we realize we have turned over our will ? ~ Turned over our passion ? ~ can we see we live life as a sheepbots? Is it not our way ? We are as people strong willed independent survivors. We have become complacent, lazy, fat, and stupid in our comfort. Comfort is temporary and may be fleeting. Always be aware of what is important to U .

Grab the desire to change, read the book , it is a foundation builder.

Brain Grooves

Most folks are unaware of the grooved out pathways in the brain. It is a result of repetition . We repeat many things every day. I do not have true numbers, if they exist even, I have several, dish washing, toothbrushing, hair brushing, I could go on , you get the drift.

Each activity has a pathway, each pathway becomes a groove over time. These paths are brain scar tissue. ( not a true diagnosis, for explanation purposes. ) These scar tissue buildups cause brain disruption and may contribute to quicker brain aging.

To break the mold I challenge myself all day. For example I will brush my teeth with my left hand, being right dominate. I will park my car in a different spot to challenge my memory. I will read things out of my comfort area to stimulate parts of my brain that are now lazier. I get out of bed left instead of right. I rearrange my furniture every seasonal shift. It also helps with the dust bunnies. I alternate sides, what I do right I do left to avoid strain injury. I do not wait till I am hurt. I do it every time. I can now that II know how. Can you ? It’s in the book. All of it.

Facebook ~friend or foe

How many times a day to you instinctively reach for your device to check on the internet? Has it become an all day event? Most of us are aware of our “on line hours” as it is told to us by the devise. Mine does. I resent it. I do not want my phone waving my addiction in my face. I am down in my “on line time” now that I am aware of my abuse. I resented the info blast, but it lead me to change.

How did I do it? After practicing self discipline for a while I have discovered that I can do a lot to improve me. I am fixable in every sense of the word. I am limited to what I allow, only, as far as I can see. My guess would be that my sight is limited by my humanism but it does not stop the quantum thinking that has made my successes in my career.

You are the same as me. You choose different brain parts to focus on in order to do what wonder you do. We are all particles of discovery that we accumulated on our journey to date. Each a necessary part of the whole. So you can do what I do if you know how.

56 pages leading to the path of a new way to be you , only better. xxx


Is desire our friend or foe? Where does it come from? A quick read tells me that it is another human condition that needs taming. Without getting into too much explanation lets skip to the “what do we do ?” part.

Sit, relax, breathe deep and ask yourself “what do I want?” be honest and non-judgmental as possible. Ask “why do I want it?” What will it feed in me, why do I have to be ordering on line? why am I always on Facebook ?,why dating sites ? why do I pace ? What do I seek? I’m not sure, do I want another glass of wine or am I thirsty for water? is it a habit or a need or a simple lack of conscience thinking ?

Do I want to change ? am I ready to meet me. Can I say no to avoidance, entertainment, distraction. Do I desire to change to achieve better living ?

Yes says my heart spirit. Yes says my inner child wanting to be freed. Yes states my intellectual parts that know there is a better more fulfilling life to be had. What about that 50 % of the brain we do not utilize to its fullest potential , do we want to use it ? I say yes. In the book there is a direct path to follow to get here. I say here because I am here and it is lovely . The book is simple, unlike any other book you have ever experienced. It works.



Who can we trust ? Anyone ? How about the government, banks, churches, even the Buddhists have been investigated for abuses. Where can we place trust these days?

Most of us whom work for the corporate fat man are frightened daily at possible dismissal, criticisms , competition, any general worry when your lively hood could be snatched.

We have health concerns, marital issues, financial troubles, family concerns, longevity anxiety and so much more. What can a person do ?

One thing we can believe in is us. You can believe in yourself. The Great Unraveling Guidebook will show you a direction to a new path in 8 steps demonstrating how you can become the person you want to be . Picture yourself a content individual with the tools to begin a life of trust. You do not need anything but the book. There are no gimmicks, no purchases,[ save the book,] no equipment no outfits. This comprehensive book is in a simple format. I wrote it for Junior High students and older. It is truly for everyone. I wish I had this book as a child.

Are you interested in living a more trusting life? Read the book.

Panic Attack, again

A daily meditation practice introduces you to you.

that sounds funny.

But it is a statement you can take to the bank !

as a wellness consultant I am often asked ” Why am I having severe panic attacks ? ”

It is a simple, very difficult answer. You are ignoring yourself. Your body is begging for your attention to fulfil its simplest of needs.

When you find yourself in panic mode you may notice you are holding your breath. This of  course is suffocation and the body is gonna panic.

Read the book angels, your body will thank you.

Love Love Love


Why do I think absurd random thoughts ?

It is interesting to me to discover where my thoughts take me during my regular ( seemingly) day.

I have the imagination of storybook writers. I can find my self in interesting, creative scenarios of the strangest ilk.

It is from the subconscious, most of it. Often history/fantasy strolling will be based on something current. Many times the random scenario will be of the unknown to me in this life. Often it is plain ole desire.

I am a believer in past lives, muscle memory, and other such beliefs. It is all gr8 fun.

Where will we stroll today dear angels !!!

how mentally healthy are we ?

I am often asked this, it is a difficult question to answer,

I use the example of my laundromat. When interviewing applicants for the laundromat

I would give them the form to fill out and then I would go outside and look in their car.

All I wanted was a well organized clean type person. After all it was a laundromat.

this carries into our lives as well. Look around you, how do you add up ?

Chapter 8 will guide you to possibilities !!!

Love, Love, Love angels