Earthrecovery or Saving the world?

How can we possibly do anything that will make a difference now that we have destroyed the earth. Granted unintentionally for most of us, as very few of the population are responsible directly for the trash curse, but indirectly we have all contributed. They could not have been so successful without us. We are now more aware of this than ever . Want to really know what is going on and why ? Watch Boston Legal TV show , wonder no more. You can choose to believe whatever it is you choose, however the truth is that we have tanked this earth to bits.

As a healer I often tell folks that we can repair the issue without assigning blame to any particular cause. There is a trend to blame all affects on childhood abuse and one can get bogged down in unproductive detail and blame, This creates a victim mode for many, impairing the healing process. It does not really matter how we got here, we are here. Now what can (I) we do about it.

There is a medical term “Repetitive Strain Injury”. It is exactly what you would imagine it is. Doing the same thing over and over developing a problem area. This is what has happened to the environment, We have repeatedly over and over abused the whole, ocean dumping, ground dumping, air poisoning , deforestation, wildlife abuse, and so forth. Did we realize what we were doing, yes, did we care, no. Do we care now ? yes, but too little to late.

Stepping over the obvious, one example would be for a transportation shutdown for 24 hours world wide, a suggestion from an engineer in Sweden. RIGHT !!! Who could imagine international cooperation. NOBODY that’s who. We now have a group that has reworded the Geneva Convention Treaty to get around humanism, We cannot compete with special interest or big Pharma or the corporation.

What can we do? You are on you way if you have read the Great unraveling guidebook. In your day there are so many easily changeable behaviors, for example, don’t run out every time you need something, make a list, plan your trips. Go to the post office, grocery, bank or CVS once a week. Look at your pattern, what would you be willing to change? Thank you for recycling. If you do not you will be amazed how pleasing and easy it is. This is a huge part of earthrecovery as it will lessen the buildup of trash that is taking over the world. Walk, park in a central location and walk to your errands. I use my local dump. I am shocked at the number of people who drive from container to container. 10′ apart. How unconscious ? my guess is they just do not think. Never think that what you do will not make a difference. There are more examples in the book. You can make a difference. Will you ?

What is right ? What is wrong ?

Who’s to say ? We are very busy judging our selves and each other. Where is it said that we cannot live within a margin of error.

It is not possible to be 100% correct about much, if anything but death and taxes , as the saying goes, so who’s to say what is right and what is wrong?

In the guidebook I speak of choices in life, some of which have never been considered by a lot of folks, There is a freedom in knowledge, There is power in true information.

Read the book folks, it is a quick catch and release program you will adore.

Freedom is in knowing, most importantly in knowing you.

insomnia ~why ?

Where does insomnia come from? It comes from mismanagement of the body.

Why ? We are the problem here. Insomnia is true operator error . We live inside a perfect machine designed to last with care. This body machine has limits. It is a true first responder to our needs and our demands. I believe that there are exceptions to every rule so please don’t be offended when I say cut the crap. Let your self sleep. Our humanism allows us to lie. Especially to self. I have a client, 63 Y.O. PSTD SPED teacher. She is severe in her injuries and a chronic insomniac. She sleeps better when she does not drink. She drinks a bottle of whine (Sp intentional ) every night anyway. Why ? Why not increase the problem ? Why not want to heal? Some want to some don’t. Its a great example of humanism .

Check your magnesium. Check your vitamin D. Remove the electronics and all phantom lights from the bedroom. Sleep is a ceremony it needs a temple. We have choice. We have free will. Buy the book, find out how to spread your wings. We can sleep if we remember how.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Thursday Love

Reality ~reality

What is real? What do I see when I look compared to what you see? How close are we when it comes to thinking. We do want to understand , be understood also. What is it that we see? How do we hear? What is the basis of our interpretation. Lets use for example hearing a lecture. What did I take from that lecture compared to what you heard. My take away is layered in impression, preexisting beliefs, learned information, right or wrong, what I want to hear, and last but not least what I want to have appeared to have heard. In other words what I say to you to get your approval regardless of the reality.

Now taking all that into consideration, what did I really hear? I now record facts on paper as I listen so I can determine what is. Then I need to decipher the lecturers intent. This leads me to confirming the data I have received. This enters the realm of factoid confusion and research ooze. So what in fact do I see as reality? Thus leading to how important is it ? Are the differences in reality such that I need to worry about where I sit? Science has wonderous theories about this subject. There are differences in color, hearing, tasting, seeing, theories, research information, and opinion.

My guess is that , for the most part, we are perfect as we are. HA

Happy Wednesday angels

Healing the world

Or, how do I heal anything. It is proven that the cure for the poison grows right alongside the poison. We are not as savvy as we believe. We run to the nearest pill or medication that we see advertised on TV or read about for help. The doctor hands us prescriptions to fill and we do without questioning him or the pharma company that produces this for big money.

Where is the sensibility in this behavior ? Do we really feel better? In some cases yes, the placebo affect works on a lot of people. But we only mask the problem, and maybe compound the problem .

What is the #1 cure for depression ? answer…. walking

What is the #1 cure for obesity ? answer … walking

What is the #1 cause of Illness ? answer….. dehydration

This and more information for wellness without big pharma is in the Gr8 unraveling guidebook. Get well without cancerous experimental medicine. Want to ? Buy the book.

Love Love Love angels


Be the Ocean, excited, wavy, motion filled, sun kissed, filled with unknowing and exploration . At the same time be solid at your feet. A firm foundation to calm and smooth the waters. A foundation that supports all that you are and all that you do.

It is easy to be flotsam on the waters, floating along with the other flotsam and jettison of sheeple moving in a predictable fashion. What about us, are we content floating along with the other garbage ? Are we more than that ? I realize garbage is strong, however I say it as I see it. We are easily conditioned, do we realize we have turned over our will ? ~ Turned over our passion ? ~ can we see we live life as a sheepbots? Is it not our way ? We are as people strong willed independent survivors. We have become complacent, lazy, fat, and stupid in our comfort. Comfort is temporary and may be fleeting. Always be aware of what is important to U .

Grab the desire to change, read the book , it is a foundation builder.

Brain Grooves

Most folks are unaware of the grooved out pathways in the brain. It is a result of repetition . We repeat many things every day. I do not have true numbers, if they exist even, I have several, dish washing, toothbrushing, hair brushing, I could go on , you get the drift.

Each activity has a pathway, each pathway becomes a groove over time. These paths are brain scar tissue. ( not a true diagnosis, for explanation purposes. ) These scar tissue buildups cause brain disruption and may contribute to quicker brain aging.

To break the mold I challenge myself all day. For example I will brush my teeth with my left hand, being right dominate. I will park my car in a different spot to challenge my memory. I will read things out of my comfort area to stimulate parts of my brain that are now lazier. I get out of bed left instead of right. I rearrange my furniture every seasonal shift. It also helps with the dust bunnies. I alternate sides, what I do right I do left to avoid strain injury. I do not wait till I am hurt. I do it every time. I can now that II know how. Can you ? It’s in the book. All of it.

Facebook ~friend or foe

How many times a day to you instinctively reach for your device to check on the internet? Has it become an all day event? Most of us are aware of our “on line hours” as it is told to us by the devise. Mine does. I resent it. I do not want my phone waving my addiction in my face. I am down in my “on line time” now that I am aware of my abuse. I resented the info blast, but it lead me to change.

How did I do it? After practicing self discipline for a while I have discovered that I can do a lot to improve me. I am fixable in every sense of the word. I am limited to what I allow, only, as far as I can see. My guess would be that my sight is limited by my humanism but it does not stop the quantum thinking that has made my successes in my career.

You are the same as me. You choose different brain parts to focus on in order to do what wonder you do. We are all particles of discovery that we accumulated on our journey to date. Each a necessary part of the whole. So you can do what I do if you know how.

56 pages leading to the path of a new way to be you , only better. xxx


Is desire our friend or foe? Where does it come from? A quick read tells me that it is another human condition that needs taming. Without getting into too much explanation lets skip to the “what do we do ?” part.

Sit, relax, breathe deep and ask yourself “what do I want?” be honest and non-judgmental as possible. Ask “why do I want it?” What will it feed in me, why do I have to be ordering on line? why am I always on Facebook ?,why dating sites ? why do I pace ? What do I seek? I’m not sure, do I want another glass of wine or am I thirsty for water? is it a habit or a need or a simple lack of conscience thinking ?

Do I want to change ? am I ready to meet me. Can I say no to avoidance, entertainment, distraction. Do I desire to change to achieve better living ?

Yes says my heart spirit. Yes says my inner child wanting to be freed. Yes states my intellectual parts that know there is a better more fulfilling life to be had. What about that 50 % of the brain we do not utilize to its fullest potential , do we want to use it ? I say yes. In the book there is a direct path to follow to get here. I say here because I am here and it is lovely . The book is simple, unlike any other book you have ever experienced. It works.