Such a fun word

Not only to say but what a great gift to yourself.

A personal refresh button,,,,,, but wait ? How can I do this. I’m too far gone.  Its too much work.

All valid arguments until you change that thinking of yours and make a new way of thinking that will please and astound you

In chapter 7, I talk about Right Thinking,  the chapter begins by saying “Most thinking originates from emotion ” this is obvious to this author I have enjoyed learning the practice and it has kept me on a nice sane path.  “Self care” or “Rejuvenation” is frightening to most folks. it is not comfortable taking care of self while at the same time self sabotaging . The human condition is sad.   Worse we don’t even know we are doing it. We are not taught in kindergarten to drink lots of water and meditate. Why ? it is easier to leave things as they are. Things are beginning to change on a tiny platform, I say too little too late. I also mention rejuvenation on page 73 in More. Make a plan ~ be what you want ~ Feed your soul ~use your third eye imagination

Chapter 7 offers ways to change on a more personal level. How we got where we are and ways you can stack the deck further altering your outcome. Let’s just say a winning hand.


Love angels   spread the love


teenage belly’s angst

well here is something really sad

A growing pandemic of teenage colitis, crohn’s disorder, ulcers and desperation, resulting in headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, on and on.


Societal pressure. Competition disorder ( yes I made that up but you know to what I refer ) Performance requirements, Non-food, food. Pharmaceuticals widely distributed. Facebook pressure. loneliness, despair and sadly many more.

***Side bar…  i can remember the pharmacist recommending you try anything else before a pill. *** now they just keep it away from their own family.

My young clients come in in the most raveled state, overly concerned with so many adult stressors. They are chronic AAA’ers ( Type A personality on crack) and they are establishing a pattern for life . Imagine that stress on a $ 1.37 human body, there is no way the body can handle that load and do its job at the same time  ,

I have a suggestion , take the military budget give it to schools of all ilk and have free education world wide. The military  won’t notice and it would free up all the children of the world from the deadly life of stress. Additionally refund all past student loads since the inception of such a ridiculous plot. I have two sisters in their 60’s still paying off student loans.

It would change the world.

Kids competition is paralyzing while you have to plow forward at a lightspeed to stay in the game.  Ask Tom Brady, people listen to him he can throw a football so he is cooooool, if he can get America to drink water he is the new king . I am excited every time I hear anyone mention how much water he drinks and what time he goes to bed .             GENIUS.  ” Tom Brady for President”

But on a local level, talk to the kids. Let them know what will happen if they don’t eat correctly, get sleep, drink water and meditate.

It’s all in the gr8unraveling . READ ON FOLKS there is a better way.

Will the body adapt, ? yes. eventually but in the meantime the evolutionary changes are gonna hurt. Why not help out our youth. We ( some of us) have taken notes over time and can improve things, I myself have thousands of positive  action plans that would significantly improve society so I am certain there are others.

Kids, lighten up. Most capitalists  die the day after they retire after never having any pleasurable life to speak of. Look at the survivors, you don’t have to live in pain. Find the joy, ease the belly, live pain free it’s OK

Love love love angels

Why write this book

Lets agree there are thousands of self help books out there

So why write another ?

Consolidation is the answer. Take all the self help books everywhere and condense it into 52 pages ? Yes. That’s why I wrote the book.

No way does it get easier than this to understand the gateway to health.

The Gr8 unraveling guidebook is an easy read. I have children and PhD’s all reporting the ease of reading and understanding this book.  It is built as a self help diary as well. You can learn about yourself in an intimate way that you have never experienced. You will track behaviors and habits, getting to know yourself in a new healthy way that will achieve instant results toward a better you.

It does not get simpler than this . Anyone can do it. The Gr8 unraveling will show you how to walk this easy pleasing path.


Daily Home Health Stage

Lets face it, life is already a heavy load .Here are a couple of idea’s to allow good health into your already busy day. If you can add these six tricks into your day you will be magically surprised !!! Especially when you stay home instead of go to the HOME.

Keep your Still Point Inducer on your pillow, instant reminder every night

Practice~ Oil   Keep oil warm for more agreeableness. Place it where you can’t miss it.

Baking soda should be next to the sink for ease of use . Every day keeps the doctor away

Local apples An apple before bed and the doctor gets no bread ( Don’t think this is not true )

Thyroid   After teeth~oil~BS drink stretch the thyroid 3X’s a day, avoid the pill

Water. com    Here I go again. 80 ounces a day for the average build. DO IT !!

MORE on that ,

STILL POINT  BUY IT TODAY if you do not have one, if you do USE IT !!  There is so much to say here, I will say just do it~ stick to it~ Trust is the highest cliff to fall from, you can trust this.

OIL PULLING is so easy once you get into a routine. My personal list of benefits are cleanest teeth ever, huge reduction in skin tags and liver spots. Gr8 hair, like I never had. Very nice cholesterol test results. There is a feeling of clean everywhere. Here’s how,

1 tablespoon [i use coconut] oil in the mouth, swish for 10 minutes. Build up to this, start at your comfort level. every day, the more you do the better the result. As you continue to practice this the results deepen and become more profound. Keep it where you will see/use it daily, I keep mine next to the toothbrush. I brush~i swish

BAKING is a gift from the earth to cleanse to heal to clean to sooth to whiten to change your life. Keep it next to the sink for the tummy cleanse and PH balance. Once a day 1/2 teaspoon in warm water juice glass and drink. THIS WILL REPLACE PRILOSEC ! I promise it does. Along with so many other things that we buy over the counter . The last few years my face has begun to disintegrate. I make a BS paste facial mask, Whew what a difference. Experiment on your own.   Who can report full on this health tool. The best antibiotic going. We are conditioned to believe Pharma knows better. WRONG !!! Think of the OTC’s purchased in the world in just one day. Nobody knows all you need is an apple. Come on people, stop filling your guts up with toxins from Pharma. Grab an apple. You can have as many as you want,  one apple a day, keeps them all away. It may keep you out of diapers too. Many of us remember grocery stores without adult diapers. None of my ancestors used them . What changed ? Nutrition that’s what.

THYROID STRETCH.Com      a daily thyroid cleanse is paramount. How much chatter do we hear surrounding thyroid ? This little gland in the front of the throat is a krap collector. It gets so full it stops working, [understandably] and THEY will sell you Pharma. Stretch that sweet hardworking gland and release the daily buildup . Here’s how,,,,, take a full breath, tip your head to your chest, as you lift your head to the sky stretch the throat upward and the thyroid will express its contents into the lymph system leaving a nice clean gland ready for the day. Practice this daily you will feel results immediately. Energy hormones and metabolism are generated here. Pump it up !!!  I have been saying drink water since I can remember , I’m sure they will be my dying words. This is the most important function after breathing. Water is a necessary fluid to feed all the organs so they can work. If you need more motivation than that, look it up. Be sensible. we should not be buying water. Heal the earths water, heal you.



Still point Induction

Still point induction is a  health practice that you will benefit from every day and every night, go to  for the information and to purchase.

I  suggest you buy the two pack and put one in the suitcase, or anywhere else you sleep. I like to fall asleep with it under my head.

The number one benefit is better sleep. The SPI will improve your sleep, or get you there if you suffer sleeplessness. There is a long list of other benefits. Try it.

There is no reason not to do this . It is really a disservice that everyone born is not given one.  In the 20 years I’ve been working with and recommending them I can offer that there is amazement in the users. I hope many of them will post their story here to share.  $17.00 or a two pack even better